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A brief introduction to the use of wolla

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A brief introduction to the use of wollastonite for you

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The crystal of siliceous limestone fluoresces under ultraviolet irradiation, also phosphorescent. Mainly used in ceramics, coatings, plastics, rubber and other industries.

Silicon ash powder with a needle, fibrous crystal morphology and high whiteness and unique physical and chemical properties, are widely used in ceramic, paint, coatings, plastics, rubber, chemical industry, paper making, welding electrode as asbestos substitute, metallurgical slag protection and etc.

In the plastics industry, silica fume not only fills, but also partially replaces asbestos and glass fiber for reinforcing materials. At present, it has been used in epoxy, phenolic, thermosetting polyester, polyolefin and other plastics. Wollastonite powder is widely used in the plastics of deep processing products. As a plastic filler, it is mainly used to improve tensile strength and flexural strength and reduce cost.



In rubber industry, natural silica powder with special acicular structure, white, non-toxic, after super fine crushing and surface modification is the ideal of rubber packing, not only can reduce the production cost of rubber products, but also can improve the mechanics performance of rubber, rubber without the special features of its own.

In paint industry, packing, silicon ash powder for paint, coating can improve the physical and chemical properties of the product, persistence weatherability, reduce the gloss paint, enhance the capacity of the expansion of the coating, reduce the crack, but also can reduce oil absorption, enhance the corrosion resistance. Wollastonite with bright color, high reflectance, suitable for the production of high quality white paint and clear transparent color paint. The acicular silica limestone powder has good flatness, high color coverage and even distribution, and has the characteristics of uv resistance. It is widely used in interior wall coatings, exterior wall coatings, special coatings and latex coatings. The finer the particle size, the higher the whiteness and PH value, the better the color and applicability of the paint, and the more alkaline the paint can be used as antiseptic coating for metal equipment such as steel.

In the paper industry, silica limestone powder can be used as a filler and plant fiber to compound paper fiber instead of some plant fiber. Reduce the dosage of wood pulp, reduce costs, improve paper properties, and improve the paper smoothness, opacity, and improve the evenness of paper, eliminate paper static electricity, less paper shrinkage rate, good seal, and reduce the pollution in the process of plant fiber pulp.

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