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Characteristics of silica fume in plasti

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Characteristics of silica fume in plastics

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The bending strength and bending modulus are obviously increased

The bending strength and bending modulus of 30% siliceous limestone were increased obviously. This is mainly due to the acicular structure and rigidity of wollastonite, so it will have obvious technical advantages in sheet, plate, film and plastic products.

2. Increase the temperature of thermal deformation

Add 30% wollastonite, thermal deformation temperature from 105 ℃ to 105 ℃, the growth rate is as high as 70 ℃. For plastic injection products, such as all kinds of lamps and lanterns, heat resistant parts, wire and cable, film, pipe, etc., to join the wollastonite, can greatly improve the heat resistance.


Increase tensile strength

As the content of silica fume increases, the tensile strength increases. According to the experimental data, the smaller the order of silica fume, the better the tensile strength.

Improve the scratch and friction resistance

Wollastonite has a special needle-shaped structure with unique physical and mechanical properties, which can greatly enhance the friction resistance and heat resistance of the finished product.

Improve dimensional stability, reduce shrinkage and warping deformation

PA, PP shrinkage in 1-2%, and after adding mineral fiber, can obviously reduce the shrinkage rate, in large precision injection parts and plastic products manufacturing process to add the right amount of mineral fiber, can effectively keep the dimension stability of plastic products, but also shorten the processing cycle cooling.

6. Excellent processing stability and molding performance

Inorganic materials have low viscosity and good processing stability. Adding a certain amount of inorganic materials into the resin can effectively reduce the processing viscosity, improve the stability of the production process, and contribute to the molding of products.

Improve the appearance of plastic products

Adding silica limestone, the product surface is rich in natural luster, no glass fiber exposure, and can also solve the material shrinkage defects, warping, bending and other problems.

Reduce the production cost of plastics

Mineral fiber (wollastonite) has rich sources and obvious price advantages. Wollastonite can effectively reduce production costs while improving the performance of plastic products.

Improve water absorption performance

Stable performance of wollastonite, bibulous rate is low, for similar nylon resin, add a certain amount of wollastonite, can effectively reduce the plastic products caused by the high water absorbing property decreased, the phenomenon such as rough surface.

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