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Take you to understand the application f

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Take you to understand the application field of silica fume

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Papermaking grade silicon ash powder after special processing technology can still maintain its unique acicular structure, make the powder added silicon is gray of white board paper, increase the whiteness and opacity (surface cover degrees), flatness, smoothness, adaptability, less quantitative difference of horizontal and cardboard wet deformation, improve printing adaptability, and can sharply decrease the other make use of all kinds of materials, reduce the cost of paper products in general.

Ceramic grade silica limestone powder can greatly reduce the sintering temperature, shorten the sintering time, and realize the rapid primary sintering at low temperature. Save a lot of fuel, obviously reduce the cost of products; At the same time, the mechanical properties of the product are improved, the cracks and warps of the product are reduced, the glaze luster is increased, the embryo body strength is increased, and the qualified rate of the product is improved.


Wollastonite can be used to make brake pad, ceramic glaze surface and so on. It is widely used in automobile, metallurgy, ceramics, plastics and other industrial production. Among them, the wollastonite consumption outlook in the world today is the most promising field of engineering plastics industry, wollastonite as packing and reinforcing agent, plastic rubber industry increasingly in manufactured goods instead of metal parts, rapid growth in demand for its.

Due to the improvement of processing methods and the acquisition of ultrafine particles, potential new USES are being discovered one after another. According to the prediction of foreign experts, the proportion of the future application of silica fume is as follows: ceramic industry and relevant departments account for 6%; 22% of paint, plastic and decorative materials; Asbestos substitutes 5%; Insulating ceramic foam for El household insulation goods 12%; Construction insulation ceramic foam 6%; Refractory insulating layer ceramic foam 2%; Ceramic foam for casting production 4%; Slag concrete masonry surface coating 3%; Paper production is 40%.

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