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Silica limestone mineral fiber filler an

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Silica limestone mineral fiber filler and its industrial application

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Currently used in plastics, rubber, adhesive and papermaking, coating, printing ink, etc has a variety of inorganic non-metallic mineral fillers and pigments, according to their chemical composition can be divided into oxide, hydroxide, carbonate, sulfate, silicate, and carbon several categories. In recent years, siliceous limestone mineral fibers have been widely used. In addition, kaolin, talc, mica, quartz, aluminum hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide, titanium white powder and other applications are more common. Inorganic non-metallic mineral filler wollastonite is the main function of increment, strengthen, and given function, main performance is related to the effect of mineral filler filling of chemical composition, particle size and particle size distribution, specific surface area, particle shape, packing density, and thermal properties, optical properties, electrical property and surface properties.

(1) incremental

Add cheap inorganic non-metallic mineral filler to reduce the cost of products, such as in, such as plastic, rubber, adhesives, filling calcium carbonate (including heavy calcium carbonate and light calcium carbonate) to reduce the amount of polymer; Fill the paper with calcium carbonate and talcum powder to reduce the amount of paper fiber. This inorganic nonmetallic mineral filler is also known as an additive.

(2) to enhance

Improve polymer matrix composites, such as plastic, rubber, rubber adhesion agent on the mechanical properties (including elastic modulus, tensile strength, stiffness, tear strength, impact strength, compression strength, friction coefficient, wear resistance, etc.). The strength of inorganic nonmetallic mineral filler mainly depends on its size or specific surface area and particle shape. Particle size less than 5 microns ultrafine non-metallic mineral filler and wollastonite, mica, talc, kaolin, graphite and acicular or flake nonmetal mineral filler has certain and enhance or reinforcing function of the different level. Generally speaking, the enhancement effect of various fillers is as follows: > lamellar stuffing > bulbous packing. On the contrary, the fluidity order of various fillers in the substrate is roughly as follows: > lamellar stuffing > fiber stuffing.

Exponentiation function

Wollastonite mineral filler can give some special functions, filler material such as dimensional stability, flame retardant or fire resistance, abrasion resistance, electrical conductivity, heat insulation or heat conduction type, sound insulation, magnetic, producing negative oxygen ions, antibacterial, optical properties, such as whitening, cover, etc. At this time, the chemical composition, light, heat, electricity, magnetic properties, specific surface area and particle shape of inorganic fillers play an important role

1. Application in rubber plastics

Silica limestone powder has been used in vulcanized rubber, paving leaching vinyl bricks, vinyl resins, polyvinyl ether epoxy resin vinyl plastic plates, phenol models. In the production of epoxy resin, 50% silica limestone powder was used as filling color agent. Wollastonite can improve the properties of polymer and reduce the price by filling elastic materials. This synthetic material has high thermal stability, low dielectric index, low water absorption and stable mechanical properties.

2. Paper industry application

Fibrous wollastonite has a whiteness, high refractive index and morphological structure different from traditional packing etc, is more suitable for alternatives to traditional fillers application in the newsprint paper, offset paper, writing paper and other printing culture paper, this may be a breakthrough in the field of it into the paper, at the same time wollastonite filler has good size stability, heat resistance, chemical resistance, electrical insulation and flame retardant properties of plant fiber can not reach, fibrous wollastonite to join in the pulp paper will give some special performance, can be used in the production of specialty paper. In addition, the modified wollastonite fillers have special fibrous structure, fill in the pulp after not like traditional packing the serious influence the mechanical strength of paper, make it in some paper with higher mechanical strength requirements of also can use a larger quantity to add, this will also be a fibrous wollastonite main research direction and development direction in the future.

Paint and paint industry

Superior silica limestone powder is used in some products of paint coating, replacing lide powder and some titanium white powder, and importing P820 as filling agent, which can improve the smoothness of coating. The particle shape of silica fume is a good suspending agent for coating. Its precipitates are soft and dispersed, which can be used as reinforcing agent for cleaning coatings. Because it absorbs less oil. There is a high amount of filling, reducing the consumption of adhesive materials, so the cost of coating is greatly reduced. Wollastonite alkaline, special apply to coating of poly (vinyl acetate, make the color material dispersed evenly, it can connect the acid medium suitable pigment, also can be made into the bright colored paint, the performance of the surface is evenly distributed, spraying performance is good. It ACTS as a filler to improve the corrosion resistance of steel coatings. In addition to waterborne coatings, polyvinyl alcohol formaldehyde, but also used in primer, intermediate coatings, oil coatings, road marking coatings, soundproof coatings, fire-resistant coatings. It can replace asbestos in leaching paint, and silica limestone can be used as a reinforcing agent in self-cleaning paint. Silica limestone powder used in the ink industry, replacing some titanium white powder, lide powder, also achieved an ideal effect.


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