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Application of wollastonite in metallurg

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Application of wollastonite in metallurgical industry

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Metallurgical protective slag and covering agent

It is mainly used for the production of pellet continuous casting, mould casting protective slag and non-carbon protective slag. Due to the stable composition of wollastonite, the casting billet has no defects and its surface is smooth and clean. Genesis of CaO and SiO2 in combination with silica fume state exists, the ratio of just at the basicity range of continuous casting need, can reduce the slag with kinds of binders, simplified process, make the protective slag with good thermal stability; Because the content of Al2O3 in siliceous limestone is very low, it can enhance the performance of protecting slag absorbing Al2O3.

Slag blending agent for steelmaking, low - aluminium pre - melting slag

Because of wollastonite is stable chemical properties and suitable basicity, wollastonite small pieces can be used as fuse into a slag slag agent, low aluminum directly used in steel deoxidized, increase liquidity in the molten steel, remove the non-metallic inclusions in molten steel, is an ideal metallurgical smelting special steel, pure steel accessories

Welding material and flux

In the electrode industry, silica fume is used as electrode coating to accelerate the melting speed and improve the fluidity of slag. It has been used abroad for many years. Wollastonite is used for electrode coating, which has the advantages of saving energy, anti-porosity, enhancing weld strength, making weld surface smooth, improving droplet transition and accelerating coating melting speed. In particular, our company's silica limestone mixed low, good quality, suitable for the special electrode, the buried tension flux.


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