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Silica limestone yield distribution

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Silica limestone yield distribution

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The world is rich in siliceous limestone resources, with total resources estimated at over 800 million t, but the distribution is very uneven. Only more than 20 countries found wollastonite ore deposit, mainly distributed in Asia, China, India, kazakhstan, uzbekistan, tajikistan and the Mexico, the United States of America and other countries, has proven reserves of 300 million t; In addition, silica limestone deposits have been found in Finland, Turkey, namibia, South Africa, Sudan, Canada and Yugoslavia.

China and India are the most abundant countries in the world. Although China started relatively late wollastonite geological prospecting work, but since 1975, over the past 20 years has made great progress, in 17 provinces and autonomous regions hundreds place to find properties, the estimated amount of nearly 200 million t. By the end of 1996, there were 31 places of proven reserves in 14 provinces and autonomous regions, with reserves of 13.265 million tons, ranking among the highest in the world.


Hojiadian, lishu county, jilin province, has the most reserves, accounting for 40% of the total reserves of ore in China. The rest are in yunnan, jiangxi, qinghai and liaoning provinces in order, accounting for 49% of the country's mineral reserves. Zhejiang, hunan, anhui, Inner Mongolia and guangdong provinces account for a total of 10% of China's reserves. The four provinces of jiangsu, guangxi, hubei and heilongjiang together account for 1% of the reserves of retained minerals in China.

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