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Silica limestone storage

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Silica limestone storage

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The main methods for the production of wollastonite are as follows:

First, it is calcined and fused by calcium oxide and silicon dioxide at high temperature.

Second, in the mixture of calcium hydroxide and silica gel, the mixture of 1: 1 is 150 ~ 200mg, the conductivity water of 5mL is added, the silver liner is lined with high pressure kettle, after treatment at 200 c for 10 days or at 180 C for 14 days, filtering, washing with acetone and drying, can be used to produce CaO. SiO2. 16H2O. If the compound is heated to more than 800 C, it is dehydrated and converted to beta -CaSiO3.

Third, using the cooling of alpha -CaSiO3 to prepare, it is difficult to transfer the alpha -CaSiO3 to beta -CaSiO3 in pure solid state. Even slow cooling, it is difficult to make conversion. Therefore, adding a fraction of the weight of calcium vanadate Ca (VO3) 2 to alpha -CaSiO3 is a flux, which is heated for several days at 800~900, and the vanadate is removed by water and dilute hydrochloric acid, and beta -CaSiO3 can be obtained.

Fourth, the pure quartz and calcium carbonate will be mixed with CaO/SiO2 at 1: 1 (mole ratio), then put into platinum crucible and melt fully at 1500 degrees Celsius.


The storage conditions of wollastonite are as follows: to ensure that the storage device is sealed, there is good ventilation or exhaust device in the workshop, and placed in a cool and dry place.

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