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The prospect of the development of Wolla

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The prospect of the development of Wollastonite

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China's wollastonite production and export volume ranks first in the world. The annual output of China's wollastonite industry is 550 thousand T, the product is exported to Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia and other Asian countries, Germany, Spain and other European countries, the export volume reaches 200 thousand T, accounting for 70% of the international market. The main export market of wollastonite products in Europe is about 150 thousand tons per year. The products exported to Japan and Korea are mainly ultra-fine needle powder.

The wollastonite industry has realized the overall profit, but the profit is still low, especially the appreciation of the RMB and the export tax rebate rate from 8% to 0, the profit space of the enterprise is compressed, and the mining quasi person projects are increasing, the cost is increasing, the cost of mining and processing is increased, which brings pressure to the profit of the enterprise. From the point of view of imports, data show that in 2016 1-9, China's wollastonite imports amounted to 1645.12 tons, an increase of 18.53% compared with the same period last year. From the perspective of export volume, data show that the export volume of wollastonite in China in 2016 1-9 amounted to 151 thousand and 200 tons, an increase of 2.86% compared with the same period last year. As the market demand of wollastonite at home and abroad is increasing and the price is increasing, some international companies are paying high attention to the market and resource advantages of our country, trying to seize the high quality Wollastonite Resources in our country by joint venture and merger and acquisition, and then monopolize the market.

The policy departments of the domestic enterprises and the regions belonging to the resources should cautiously treat the intervention of foreign investment, make rational and proper use of the resources to ensure the healthy development of the industry and enterprises.


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