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The mineral history of fluorite gives yo

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The mineral history of fluorite gives you an introduction

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In the neolithic age, the hemudu people in China used fluorite as decoration. In ancient China, fluorite was used in sculpture for more than 300 years. In ancient Rome, fluorite was widely used as precious stone for making wine glasses and vases. Fluorite mining and excavation began in ancient Egypt, when fluorite was widely used to make statues and scarlet-shaped sculptures.

1529 Germany mineralogist Agricola (G.A gricola) in his book the earliest references to fluorite, in 1556 he was studying in the process of fluorite, discovered the fluorite mineral is low melting point, add a certain amount of fluorite in iron and steel smelting, not only can improve the furnace temperature, remove harmful impurities such as sulfur, phosphorus, but also with slag melt mixture, enhancement activity, liquidity, separate the slag and metal. Germany 1670 glass tile hart workers deed (Selewanhardt) accidentally fluorite and sulfuric acid, reaction, produced one kind has excitant odour of smoke, causing people's attention of fluor chemical properties. In 1771, the Swedish chemist Scheele made an acid of hydrogen and an unknown element by combining fluorite with sulfuric acid, and found that the acid could etch glass.

Then, in 1797, Italian engineer Carlos Antonio Napion officially named the mineral "Fluorite" after the Latin "Fluere" meaning "flow". It is often used as a solvent in smelting metal.


In 1813, French physicist Ampere (Ampere) combined the durer once this unknown element name for fluoride, taking the first letter "F" symbol for the element, the second cycle race 7 listed in the periodic table, element belonging to the halogens.

In 1825, the word "Fluorescence" was born, meaning Fluorescence, because fluorite can emit Fluorescence under ultraviolet radiation.

In 1886 Moissan, a French chemist, first separated fluorine from fluorite in its gaseous form, revealing that fluorite was a mineral composed of calcium and fluorine. Later, the chemists also developed the flux of AlF solution (AlF) and Na solution (AlF solution), which opened a new era for the aluminum smelting industry. Fluorite mining began in England in about 1775 and continued in many parts of the United States from 1800 to 1840, but much of the mining followed the development and promotion of open-hearth steelmaking。

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