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Introduction to bauxite, processing proc

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Introduction to bauxite, processing process and equipment

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Bauxite properties of alumina or as a bauxite bauxite, the main mineral composition for hard diaspore monohydrate, monohydrate soft diaspore, sanshui diaspore, it is a kind of mohs hardness ore between 1 to 3, usually aluminum smelting and production of the most commonly used refractory raw ore, the main ingredient is aluminium oxide, hydrate alumina containing impurities, is an earthy mineral. Density: 3.9 ~ 4g/cm3, opaque, brittle, extremely difficult to melt, insoluble in water and soluble in sulfur.

High temperature calcination: raw materials are sent to calciner for high temperature calcination, and some of them can also be dried. 2. Crushing and making powder: the calcined material is broken through a jaw crusher or hammer crusher and then sent to the ramon mill. After the material is broken into the grinding machine production system, the whole grinding, grading and other operating processes are automated in the grinding machine. The operator should pay close attention to the instrument data of the electric control cabinet. Qualified bauxite powder is released by discharge valve and packaged.


Calcining equipment of bauxite processing equipment: bauxite rotary kiln, which has advanced calcining mechanism, high quality of finished products, high degree of automation in overall operation, safe and environment-friendly. Crushing equipment: jaw crusher or hammer crusher, crushing large particles of bauxite. Grinding equipment: generally, the use of bauxite ramon grinding has been able to meet the needs of the size of bauxite powder, uniform powder production

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